101 things in 1001 days


I’ve been blogging for about four months now and it really has inspired me to get a lot more done than I would have otherwise. Switching from work life to mom life has not been an easy transition and as crazy as it may seem, I sometimes miss the stresses and deadlines of work life. The early parts of motherhood were surprisingly boring (exhausting, but boring). Blogging has given me more ambition to accomplish tasks other than just vacuuming and poopy diapers.

When I stumbled upon this list from Design Darling of 101 things in 1001 days, I was inspired. The idea is to create a wish list with a due date that creates a sense of urgency greater than a bucket list, but with less stress than a to do list. 1001 days is less than three years, which is in the foreseeable future for most, but when you really think about that time frame, you realize how much your life would change in that time. Particularly when I was thinking about my son, 1001 days seems like the whole world will change.

I split my list into different categories to help me come up with ideas and to balance the types of goals I was creating. To calculate the “due date” of my 1001 days, I considered counting boxes on a calendar, when I realized that I could Google “date future 1001 days,” and found this date calculator.

So here is my list!

101 Things in 1001 Days

Start Date: May 18, 2013

End Date: February 12, 2016


1. Paint the basement stairs

2. Paint the entry way

3. Change the bathroom counter tops

4. Buy a bed for the guest room (and ditch the air mattress)

5. Paint the fireplace

6. Paint the living room trim & walls

7. Replace living room picture window

8. Refurbish the patio furniture (or throw it in the trash)

9. Organize craft supplies

10. Find something amazing at a garage sale and bring it back to life

11. Paint the hallway

12. Build a built in bench in the breakfast nook

13. Wallpaper…something.

14. Paint the built in cabinets in the breakfast nook

15. Replace bathroom window treatment with this contact paper solution

16. Buy a print/painting from a local artist

17. Frame menus from our favorite restaurants

18. Create a perfect lawn

19. Plant fruit trees

20. Make this cornice for our dining room window


21. Host a neighborhood party or BBQ

22. Ski Mt. Hood

23. Attend Portland Fashion Week

24. Visit the Portland Japanese Rose Garden

25. Go wine tasting at a local winery (in or around Portland)

26. Tour Distillery Row (and stock my bar at home)

27. Try 10 new places from Rather Portland

28. Kayak/canoe/raft down a Portland river

29. Walk 5 of the 10 bridges that cross Portland’s Willamette River

30. Go fishing


31. Go to SXSW and visit our friends Lisa & Robert

32. Camp on Mt. Hood

33. Take an international trip (with child in tow)

34. Visit three new US cities I’ve never been to

35. Visit Canada


36. Complete (and start) little buddy’s baby book

37. Get my Oregon driver’s license

38. Catch up on our family photo albums

39. Enroll little buddy in preschool

40. Build a functional & coordinating wardrobe


41. Learn calligraphy

42. Take a photography/photo editing class

43. Learn how to arrange flowers

44. Take a dance class

45. Learn how to upholster

46. Play croquette

47. Master efficient cleaning skills

48. Complete T-shirt quilt for my husband

49. Learn how to sew curtains

50. Take a gardening class


51. Make something from the Bouchon Bakery Cookbook

52. Bake my son a birthday cake

53. Create a King Family Cookbook of all our family staples

54. Perfect homemade sandwich bread

55. Create five new unique ice cream flavors (I’m counting this one as the first)

56. Recreate the meal from our honeymoon cooking class for an anniversary dinner

57. Successfully make homemade marshmallows (I’ve tried twice and it hasn’t worked out)

58. Learn to make 5 classic cocktails from memory

59. Make a Thanksgiving turkey (I never have!)

60. Get a juicer


61. Take my boys to a Mariners game

62. Attend a high school football game

63. Have family photos taken

64. Potty train the little buddy

65. Take my son to a Oregon Children’s Theatre show

66. Take my son to a Bob Baker show

67. Sled on Mt. Hood

68. Pick berries on Sauvie Island

69. Take my boys to LEGOland

70. Go to a music festival (with our little buddy)


71. Redesign my blog

72. Move blog to WordPress.org

73. Set up Google+

74. Get blog business cards

75. Attend a blog conference

76. Make blogging friends (in real life)

77. Organize my Pinterest boards

78. Reach 1,000 visitors a day

79. Attend 10 Portland Blogger events

80. Create Ad space


81. Take my husband to a karaoke bar

82. Go to a White Bird dance performance

83. Go to a Portland Concerts in the Park

84. Go to a Portland Movies in the Park

85. Go to a Portland Dive-In Movie

86. Go to a Drive-In Movie

86. Rewatch the entire series of Arrested Development and then watch the final season on Netflix

87. Watch (or rewatch) every movie from this list of The 25 Greatest Films of the 80s

88. Read three modern books, starting with Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

89. Read three classic books, starting with To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

90. Go to a show at the Edgefield


91. Develop a habit of drinking more water (66 days in a row?)

92. Get a facial

93. Relax for a week in Palm Springs

94. Run a 10K

95. Complete a Sprint Triathlon


96. Have another baby

97. Plan something awesome for my 30th birthday

98. Replenish emergency savings fund

99. Plan something awesome for our 5-year anniversary

100. Celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday

101. Teach our son to ride a bike

I might cry thinking about my little buddy riding a bike, but I can’t wait to start accomplishing some of these goals. If this inspires you to make your own list, please let me know and maybe we can encourage each other along the way!

Feel free to use the category banners I created for your own personal use. The photos I used are courtesy of Stock Free Images and I cropped and added text to them.

Here’s wishing you a fun weekend, filled with things you have always wanted to do!


13 thoughts on “101 things in 1001 days

  1. I like the idea in that it tries to focus me on actually planning to do things rather than the amorphous “someday”… and I like that you broke it out in the categories that you did as it sounds less intimidating! I think I want to make a list, and it seems like great conversation to have with my husband too to see what his goals are!

    • Interesting you should say that! I started out just listing things and when I got to around 50 ideas, I started slowing down. I asked my husband for ideas and once we were making the list together it became a lot more fun! Once we broke it up into categories we were able to finish the list a lot quicker too!

    • Thanks Rachel! It was hard to come up with at first. I hit a wall around 50, but once I had those first 50, it was easy to see the patterns developing and once I broke those first goals into categories, it was easy to think of the rest. I definitely encourage you to give it a try. Not only was it fun to make the goals, it was fun to think about all the changes that will happen in my life the next three years.

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